What We Work On

Internship Openings

Internships can be designed to work with your availability and interests. Some possibilties are listed below. Contact us to discuss your interests.

1. Phytoliths from Seeds. We have a large collection of seeds that can be digested for recovery of phytoliths. This internship will involve chemical digestion of seeds to release the phytoliths, then mounting the phytoliths on microscope slides. Each of the slides will be examined using a binocular microscope and the phytoliths will be documented. Documentation will include both photography and written descriptions. Photos will be inserted into FileMaker Pro (you will be trained to do this). This project can be either a summer internship (working on a fraction of our collection) or a master’s thesis if you undertake a full analysis and categorization of the phytoliths. (Ask Chad if he wants to add anything)

2. GIS. We are mapping all of the projects that we have ever worked on. The project is being done in stages, through multiple internships. Currently, we have all of our projects up to April 2010 in the database and mapped using ArcGIS. Next we need to make the maps interactive on our website so that anyone can click on a state, view the state, and then click on a county to see information about the projects that have been completed. Requirements: Working proficiency with ArcGIS; web programming skills to design an appropriate infrastructure. The project must be compatible with our PHP-based pages.