About PRI


Linda started a small business in 1972…

…that grew and developed into today’s PaleoResearch Institute. The field of archaeobotany did not exist at that time. The experiment of extracting pollen from sediments and archaeological sites worked! Further, the experiment of developing and pursuing archaeobotany in a business setting worked! We use our business setting to provide the best quality of research possible within our field.

PaleoResearch Institute was formed to conduct archaeobotanic research in a contract setting, leading the industry in innovation, analysis, and interpretation of the past. Our goals are to maintain excellence in extraction, identification, and analysis of the materials we work with, to promote excellence in the interpretation of those materials and in reports, and to promote development and use of state-of-the-art techniques for the analysis and interpretation of archaeobotanic records. Work conducted in a contract setting is particularly subject to time and budget constraints, so the above must be accomplished in a timely manner.

Further, PaleoResearch Institute desires to promote a healthy and fulfilling work environment. We provide the opportunity for each employee to use his/her unique signature strengths to be productive and successful, and promote the concepts of both responsibility and accountability.