Our Analysts


Linda Scott Cummings, Ph.D.

Director-palynologist-phytolith-starch analyst, Linda has been working with pollen since 1971. Her work includes paleoenvironmental, as well as subsistence and paleonutrition interpretations. In addition to analysis of archaeological pollen and phytoliths, her experience also includes the use of a Scanning Electron Microscope. The best diet studies involve paleofeces (coprolites). Linda examines pollen, starches, phytoliths, and parasite eggs contained in these paleofeces for evidence of diet, nutrition, and health. She has worked with remains from the American Southwest, the northern Great Basin, the west coast of South America, as well as from Nubia (Africa).


R. A. Varney

Palynologist and paleoecologist, R. A. examines pollen samples and analyzes archaeoclimatic models. R. A. contributes geological expertise and works comfortably with pre-Pleistocene through Holocene samples. He also processes the AMS radiocarbon samples and develops new methodologies. His interests lie primarily with the intrepretation of stratigraphic paleoenvironmental records and AMS samples.

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Caitlin Clark, M.S.

Protein residue analyst and bone collagen extraction. In these capacities, Caitlin extracts protein residue from artifacts and applies cross-over immunoelectrophoresis to identify plant and animal remains, thus providing valuable tool-function and resource utilization information for clients. Caitlin also extracts bone collagen from bone submitted for AMS radiocarbon dating.

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Jenna Battillo, Ph.d.


Our Support Team

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Tammy Sanders