Careers at PRI

Macrofloral Analyst

PaleoResearch Institute in Golden, Colorado, seeks a part- or full-time macrofloral analyst to work on archaeological samples and identify charcoal.  If that’s your passion and area of expertise, then we offer the opportunity to work in a diverse, small business setting on material from the entire US and other parts of the world.

Education: Master's Degree preferred (if you are skilled, call for a discussion even if you do not have a Master's Degree).

The nitty gritty:

  • PaleoResearch Institute provides a variety of archaeobotanic services for archaeologists both across the United States and internationally.

  • The successful candidate will already have an excellent ability to recognize and identify seeds, charcoal, and other plant remains using a light microscope, and will be able to use our reference collection to identify “unknowns”.  We can teach you to use our small SEM for imaging seeds and charcoal.

  • The successful candidate will have strong interpretation and writing skills.

  • You must be fluent in English and able to work in the United States (be a US citizen or already hold a work visa).

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to  For more information, you may reach us on (303) 277-9848.